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1 Tyre Fix for bike 2

For Bike/Cycle

Instant Tyre Fix is a quick and easy solution for drivers who find themselves with a flat tyre on the road.

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Ankles Instant Tyre Fix Assistire

For Cars/SUVs

It comes in a can and contains a special formula that inflates and repairs the tyre simultaneously.

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Ankles Tyre Fix for Truck Assistire

For Heavy Vehicles

To use it, simply attach the can to the tyre and spray the sealant inside. The sealant immediately starts filling.

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Are you in search of auto accessories to enhance your driving experience? Look no further! We offer a wide range of products that prioritize safety. Additionally, we also have a selection of stylish accessories available in various colors and designs, that add a personal touch to your vehicle. Moreover, we understand the value of comfortable long drives, hence, we offer Instant Tyre Fix. We cater to all interests and preferences, ensuring that you find the perfect accessory that meets your needs. Shop now and elevate your driving experience with our quality products.

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  • What Is Ankles Instant Tyre Fix?

    We are specialized on product: Instant Tire puncture fix (ISO certified). This aerosol tire inflator can seal punctures and inflate the tire in seconds without requiring jack, spare tire, or any tools. Not only that we are also a sole whole seller of China’s one of the biggest tire accessories brand “Ankles”, which have 1000+ products related to automotive & tire accessories.   This Automotive valuable spare product as like Tire Fix is, we believe Third Generation Magic product First Time in Nepal, brings a unique steps in the automobile necessity in Nepalese soil. Pertaining to the credibility and facilities of Tire Fix products (and for other related product based on your preference), This Tire Fix is an Aerosol instantly swells after injecting into punctured tire thru Air Tube of any kind of tyres (Tubeless or non-tubeless of Cycle, Bike, Car/SUV, Bus/Truck) loaded or non-loaded without any tools to lift vehicles in urgent time.

  • What is Assistire?

    Our company “Assistire”, RGD#1518/42732 , PAN#110383114 is uniquely registered in Nepal for distinctive tire and tire accessories. The objective of this company is to deliver modern accessories for vehicles that is specialized for tires care. This “Assistire”, is a company that focusses in providing a unique product to help drivers quickly and safely fix puncture tires on real time & on the go. Our goal is to provide convenient & reliable solution to the common problem of flat tires, and to promote safety and peace of mind for drivers. Our vision at “Assistire” is to become the go-to brand for drivers in need of a quick and easy solution for punctured tires. We strive to create a world where drivers no longer need to fear getting stranded on the side of the road due to a punctured tires.


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  • Customer From Daraz

    came well packaged

    Daraz Nepal Assistire

    Sudin Muni Bajracharya

    Lagantole Area

  • Client From Daraz

    Five Star

    Daraz Nepal Assistire

    Martin Dominka


  • For Instant Tyre Fix (For Car)

    I used it , it work for puncher tire.

    Sudhir Shrestha

    Chitwan Cancer Hospital

  • Client From Daraz

    As expected! Thanks!!!

    Daraz Nepal Assistire


    Syangja Hotel and Paudel Kirana Pashal

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